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3 Singleplayer worlds lost to this pack


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In the past I played the attack of the bteam mod and when I starter using the archeology mod it corrupted my singleplayer world I had been building on for the past 4 months. I made a new file and spent over 8 months with this world and I was about to start a series on this world when I placed an analyzer and my entire file deleted itself. From what I have seen, this mod pack is just bad news. It has corrupt and deleted months of work and doesnt run smoothly.

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Just recreate your world with the same world name/seed and it will restart your old world.


In case you want be on the safer side you could go into your attack-of-the-b-team mod folder then into your save folder.


Copy all the contents of the world you are working on somewhere else.


Then recreate the world you were on. You have to have the same seed number/ seed name. Then paste your old world into that.


But I have recreated my old world before just by recreated my world with the same seed. For example I use my name as my seed so I just type it in and it will rebuild my world.

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For future people reading this thread, this can happen on any crash in a singleplayer world.  Daniels solution should work - the world isn't gone or deleted, it's simply removed from the list.  Creating a 'new' world with the same name and settings will detect the previous world files and use those.  MCEdit is another alternative (simply open the world and save it, that should be enough to fix the corruption).


To avoid this completely, run a local server and connect to that.


It's also worth noting this isn't restricted to the B-Team modpack, it's something that can happen with crashes in Minecraft in any modpack, and this solution will work for those, too.

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