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Morphs gone in 1.0.12a!


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If you have a backup, replace the morph.dat file that is located in the world folder on the server.



Your next option, if you don't have a backup, is see if the morph_backup.dat exists, as it may contain the previous information, though this is unlikely depending on how long the servers been running for after the issue arises as this file often gets replaced fairly quickly.


Edit: Just a note, this morph loss issue has been around for a while and isnt directly affiliated with 1.0.12a. The method to get the morphs back is the same though regardless of modpack version.

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Actually upgrading wont cause the morphs to disappear, the morphs file corrupting somehow will cause it to go away, as the mod can no longer read the contents, it sees nothing and assumes its blank or not the right file, etc, and ends up overwriting it.

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