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Two Questions


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A ) Do either of the two types of the Big Reactors explode in the installed version?

B ) How do I charge The MPS Power Armor and Power Fist externally (without the modules i.e. Solar Generator(s), Kinetic Generator, and Heat Sink)? Is it something like stick it in a Galacticraft Energy Storage Module?

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A: Big Reactors do not explode at this time.  Atomic Science reactor do explode, more often then they should due to bugs...


B: As several people would suggest, charge up an energy cell(even just a Leadstone Cell) and keep that in your inventory, your MPS can draw power from that, for now.  The energy cell is easy to charge and keeps it's charge if you right click it with a crescent wrench to pick it up.  As for actually charging the suit its self, the Energetic Infuser is one way to charge it.  Haven't tried the galacticraft energy storage module myself though.

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Yellorium reactors are scheduled to get a meltdown feature at some point, but that is far away yet. BigReactors Turbines are supposed to gain the ability to explode due to overspeed in the next major update. We just had a minor one, so that is not imminent, either.


Using Galacticraft gear for anything else than Galacticraft stuff is not recommended, as that mod is not working well with other core mods. It should theoretically work to charge Powersuit parts, but I never tried that.

 The Energetic Infuser is the way to go, as it can charge Powersuit parts, Flux Capacitors and even whole Energy Cells, if provided enough (RF) power. Flux Capacitors are, by the way, a good mobile power solution. They can charge Redstone Arsenal tools when on your hotbar, and will also supply your Powersuit and Glove. I always carry one, along with one or two Energy Cells in my inventory.

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