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Alright, I'm planning on hosting a server.

The server will have on average, two trough five people on it at all times

It's going to have no plugins, as it is a private server

What specs should I get? How much RAM? It's going to be a big world, most likely loaded 10,000 blocks in each direction


Also, are there any machine, animals, or otherwise things that cause the server to lag or crash?
I am opting for 1 or 2 gigs RAM.

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  1. You will probably want to use Cauldron (formerly known as MCPC+) even if you don't plan on using Bukkit plugins. It adds Spigot as well as a number of other optimizations that will reduce your overall resource usage.
  2. You haven't provided enough details to give a recommendation. How many mods? How big are the mods? How much custom worldgen is involved? What's your view distance? Will you be running Dynmap? and so on, and so forth...
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Highly recommend getting MCPC+ (Cauldron) as per the above post. Using the default settings, I suggest 3GB RAM. Generated chunks won't cause lag, it'll be entities, blocks, and other things that will take a large hit. If you want, install Opis on both the server and locally so you can see what's going on with entities, etc if it ever becomes an issue with lag.

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