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Flyrean Legacy [Whitelisted] [20 Slots]

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IGN: phylo1965

Age: 15

Previous Bans: Last I remember was in beta 1.7(fooling around with some friends got me banned.)

What will you contribute?: Anything to keep the server happy. :)

INTERESTS: Video games, all sorts of martial arts

About Me: I am considered a trained and lethal weapon, as I am a third degree black belt in Goju Ryu, first degree black belt in Jiu jitsu, and a red sash in Kali/Eskrima. From the 10 years of training, I have high respect and discipline towards others. I also like fast paced FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, even the relaxing feel of minecraft. :)

Very sorry. Didn't see the Enjin statement.

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IGN: Toxicstein

Age: 17

Previous Bans: According to Fishbans I have one ban, but please do not let this change your opinion of me. This occured when Minecraft was in early beta, and I was a bit clueless. Since this has happened, I have ran 2 successful servers with a friend and a small modded server for my friends, I have also moderated many servers and I always strive to help.

What will you contribute?: One of my favourite things about playing on servers is chatting with the community and helping out whenever possible, with community projects and all that jazz. I also have a bit of photoshop experience if you need a hand with that banner (albeit I'm quite new).

Interests: All sorts of video games, particularly RPGs and Sandbox games, and I've tried a lot of different kinds of art, but my favourites are watercolour and digital painting.

About Me: I always struggle with this section, I'm a pretty average guy. I've ran two semi-vanilla servers that I thought were pretty successful because all the players got along and it was a fairly tight-knit community, which was something I wanted from the start. I've been playing Minecraft since around Beta 1.3, and I've kept coming back to it over the 3 years I've been playing it.


Thanks for taking a look at this, hope I can hop on and play with you guys!

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The people are rude, everyone griefs, everyone steals (And when they say not crazy stealing they actually mean they can take everything thing you own), and the admin breaks his own rules.


This server is an awful, un-happy environment that I have spent trying to be happy on but it never works.



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