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Fake Technic Pack Website


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Yeah. Domain lookup says it's a cheap amazon AWS hosted page with the owner hidden by an anonymity service in panama.


Possibly malicious, but actually looks like a sad attempt to profit off open source software (which the launcher is) by automatically bundling it with tollbars in a windows installer.

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If the download contains malware then anyone can report them.


But looking it over it looks like it's just a semi-legal scam.

They don't overtly claim to be technic, just offer a download for open source software.

The screenshot may look like an offical technic thing, but that's just a screenshot of the program working.

And they do include contact info that is not here.


They're doing a really good job at attempting to confuse people into thinking they're the official technic download without actually making that legal claim.

Here's a relevant clip of the idea.

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