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Do Galacticraft have memory leaking problem?


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Smacking a chunkloader on mars or spacestation = slowly killing the server. It just get slower and slower. Have no clue on moon since I haven't tryed to put a loader there.

Am I alone with this or do more ppl have this problem?

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Any time you keep more than one dimension loaded will put extra strain on your system.

More so if there are actually things happening in said dimension, for example if you have machines running there.

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Well the power of the server ain't the problem for sure and we don't have any lag problem. It's just that over time with a chunkloader on space station or mars the server starts to responds slower and slower untill it completly dies. It doesnt krasch just that it you can't connect to it anymore untill it have been restarted and then it works fine again.

If we don't use chunkloader there we doesn't get this problem but then the active time of these dimentions are pretty low compared with always on 24/7 with chunk loader.


But anyhow this post was to see if this is a common problem or something just our server have.

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