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[1.6.4] Fozzies Futurismo [PvE + PvP areas] [16 slots] [Futurismo Modpack] [Public] [Economy] [Grief Protection]

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Fozzie's Futurismo - Everything you need to build your very own utopia or..... destroy someone elses!




Futurismo features over 70 of the latest science and technology mods, aiming to enhance the Minecraft experience in many different areas. From additional biome's, extra mobs, to redstone control,

machinery, technology and much much more. Futurismo offers an ideal setting for modern utopias, industrial complexes, military bases, moon bases or anything else you can come up with.


Technic Page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/futurismo

Fozzie's Futurismo Server IP:

Website: http://futurismo.enjin.com/


Our server has been built out of the desire to offer an up to date science and technology mod pack, which includes a universal electricity system and a unique PvE and PvP experience,

where by you may play peacefully on the overworld, or choose to take part in PvP and space wars on the Moon and Mars.


Server Plugins


Economy - Server shops, Player shops, Trading, Real estate.

Grief Protection - Golden Shovel protects land, Overworld blacklist for op items.

Essentials - Teleports, Warps, Set homes.


Server Features


Open - No whitelist/blacklist

UK based Server

Custom built dungeons and events

Space Wars


Server Rules


Anyone mature enough to follow our rules is welcome to come join us.


[1] Be respectful towards members, smacktalk, racism or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

[2] Deliberate spam or advertising in chat will result in a ban.

[3] Protect your land with a golden shovel, theft from unprotected land will not be reinbursed.

[4] PvP is not permitted in the overworld unless you are protecting claimed land you own.

[5] PvP is permitted on the moon and mars.


Thanks for reading!

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