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New to game need help


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Don't know of any PVP AOTBT Tutorials, but if you want to learn the ropes, check the Youtubeseries on this by Keralis (Builder), GenerikB (Mad Scientist machine Freak) or Paul Soares Junior (Adventurer who is very beginnerfriendly)

Other series from the same server are done by BDoubleO100, Chimneyswift, Glis6, Pungence and Skyzm. I haven't watched those yet so I cannot say which focalpoints they have.

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I would start with some of BDoubleO100s vids as he gets right into carpenters blocks and then tinkers.

GenerikB does do some awesome stuff once he gets settled in, and he has the best vid about setting up the storage system.

If you are interested in the Witchery mod you HAVE to follow Chimmneyswift and you really need to start that one from the beginning to keep up with him he is very well versed in it.

Glis6 also does some great tech builds and shows them rather well. He to me thinks a bit more tech than generikB does at times.

Keralis is just hands down the building master on the server. BDubs is good but K takes it home.

Pung and Skyzm are just fun to watch, they mess with the mods and have a very down to earth way of doing things and working things out. They are a little slower at getting into things and making things work than some of the others but I tend to think they play more like the average person would with alot of trial and error.

PSJ is definitely the explorer and the most into the necromancy mod. 


I personally have not watched mrwoofless yet at all but he is also on that server. 


All are great youtubers and have wonderful series out there. I also know there are plenty of other folks doing LP's and other stuff with the series. If your looking for some tutorial type vids I highly recommend IDED online, he does awesome vids and is constantly putting more up, he has a thread in this forum with all his tutorials in it. Also jsit did some great tutorials thou not as many and more block type oriented. 


Also ask here if you need a hand with something or need an idea, there are a TON of helpful people here that would be glad to help, and help you make some new ideas. 

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