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my auto spawner isn't working

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it can spawn any mob that can be captured via a safari net, however they need valid spawning locations. Squid need water, enderman/wither skeletons need 3 blocks high. Sheep etc need 2 blocks of space. Also, ensure the spawner isnt receiving a redstone signal as this will stop it from running. And if you look at the UI of the spawner and see the idle time not ticking down, redstone is probably the culprit, or if its bouncing from 0 to 15, it means it cannot find a legal space to spawn it in.

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Conveyor belts do count as a full block for the purposes of spawning mobs. Keep in mind also that the spawner only goes up one block and down one block, meaning if the spawner is level with the floor and the belts above it, it wont find a valid spawning location since it sees those belts as full blocks.

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