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Can't find any copper


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I downloaded Tekkit client and server to play with a friend and after 3 days we haven't found copper nor tin. We are mining from y=40 to y=75 without luck. Is this normal or just a bug? What can we do? I could op and give me some ores but as we are playing survival I prefer to find it by myself.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Did you find any of the other mod ores? Lead, Silver, Ferrous, Silicon, Yellorite, Uranium, Quantum, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot?

In case you found none of those, you are not playing Tekkit, but vanilla Minecraft.

There are actually two variants of each Copper and Tin in the game, and both will be generated. The Thermal Expansion variants are usually found deeper down (Iron level and below), and are not as abundant. The Galacticraft variants are found just about anywhere, and should be more plentiful. Maybe your Galacticraft is not generating those?

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The "official site" would be >here.

Make sure you run from that, and especially observe that you need to use the start script. That's launch.bat on Windows and launch.sh on Unix (Linux/MacOS).


You managed to start a vanilla server somehow, so once you fixed that, you'll either have to start over or move the save to the correct server and move your ingame operations to chunks that haven't been generated while you ran vanilla.


Also, this is a technical issue and anything further will only take place on the tracker.

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