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SolarSociety[PvE][Anti-Raid/PVP] Dont tickle the penguins...


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Solar Society hexxit server is  NO PVP and NO RAID(Against other players, dungeons are ok obviously, derp)

On this server our Number one goal is to provide you the best hexxit experience possible, I am not running this server to profit, I am running it to give users who wish to play hexxit online and/or with friends the opportunity to do so.

Suggestions are always welcome. We will take all ideas into great consideration!

We also have donor ranks for those too lazy to go get stuff themselves willing to help out the server, but these are not mandatory and you are still able to get cool stuff without it, this is hexxit after all. :)

If this isnt the server for you we completely understand and apologize that this isnt what you are looking for!

I will admit we are still working on a new spawn, and because of that, a shop is not yet in place.


Any questions? Post below or add me on skype: Crystacune , thanks!

Thanks for checking us out, see you on the server!

The Solar Society hexxit server has currently been up for 2 & 1/2months.


Only mod removed is the dimensional doors mod for lag issues.


Click below for banned items.

Banned Items:


(Crashes the server)

Buster Bullet

(Possible to grief others)

Chest Transporter

(Possible to grief spawn & others)

Capsule Station

(Explosions and stuff)

Meteor Summoner

(Can spawn in meteors, used to grief)

Destruction Catalyst

(Possible to grief others)

Dimensional Doors

(Lags the server)

Bags (not backpacks)

(Duplication of items)

Emperors Chalice

(Bypass protections)

Bane of Pigs

(Major hit damage glitch)

Carmanite Reactor & Titan Band

(Bypass Protections)

Buster & Storm Shot/ Mag

(Bypass Protection)

Ender Backback

(Used for griefing and bypass protection)

Titan Band

(Used for griefing at spawn & protected areas)

Ender & Pigman Head

(Crashes server)

Light Crystal

(Incomplete item that can corrupt chunks)


The server is up most of the time, assuming that it doesnt crash because of hexxit, Which occasionally happens, but usually its back up soon, and it does not happen often.


Starter kit:


Pictures of our current spawn:





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My IGN is Mysticfeather, and I would like to bring to attention a recent griefing issue my friends and I discovered today on the server:

Armor stands, pedestals for swords and weapons, and wooden doors are not protected by land claims. Thus when we logged on this morning, all of my valuable armor sets were stolen from the inside of my house on my claimed property - it happened to all of my friends in the area, too.

I can't list everything that my friends lost, but I do know what was stolen from my stands - I lost my three sets of Hexxit Gear armor (Thief, Scale and Tribal), which cost a lot of time, effort, and Hexical essences to make, especially since I was in the process of enchanting them. I also lost a Headband of Valor that I looted from a dungeon, a pair of Whirlwind and Cloud Boots, and a Livingmetal Helmet and Boots.

My friends in the area, Rikimaru_Tsuki, Sikk_Fox, and Archerthewarlock have also been affected. Archer had holes taken out of her house, and Riki and Sik had all of their various Hexxit armor sets stolen along with Livingmetal, Blood, and looted weapons from dungeons.

For a server that is anti-griefing/raiding that we were relieved to find amidst dozens of 'PVP/Faction' servers, I feel this is a pretty big oversight and I would appreciate it if we could have our items returned to us as it took a long time to make them, and will take even longer now that dungeons and Hexibiscus flowers are becoming very scarce.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Hello people of SolarSociety and anyone else viewing this thread...


This server is still up and running, and we will have a new spawn by christmas.


Enjoy  the  server !!!!!


If you need me I hardly ever check this-- Contact me on my skype: Crystacune

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