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My game seems drunk

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I don't get any error messages and it hasn't crashed the game, but I perpetually have these bizarre bugs that make the game unplayable. All of my mouse clicks act like I have clicked several times, so I constantly place multiple torches or blocks when I try to place one. It also happens when I try to put single items from a stack into a space in the crafting area. When I try to open a door or chest, it opens and closes it a bunch of times really fast. Occasionally, the camera moves extremely slowly but smoothly and motion continues after I stop moving the mouse, but everything else behaves normally. I start and stop moving just fine, but walking in any particular direction is impossible and I just stagger around like a drunk, falling into holes and walking into trees. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so insanely frustrating.


Even stranger is that the first time I installed and ran AOTBT, it was fine but slowly got worse until it was so bad it became unplayable. And even though I've reinstalled, it still hasn't sobered up. GO HOME ATTACK OF THE B-TEAM, YOU'RE DRUNK.

It's not laggy or jumpy and my fps is fine. My mouse functions perfectly everywhere except in AOTBT, and I even tried adjusting the double click speed. I'm on the current recommended version and I'm not running a texture pack. I've tried turning down the graphic settings, relogging, rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling. My Java is updated and 64 bit. My computer runs vanilla and even Feed the Beast just fine. I've never seen anything like it.

Any help would be much appreciated. Maybe some Attack of the Alcoholics Anonymous-Team?


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Some part of it (though not all of it) sounds like mouse smoothing, did you hit F8? (That toggles mouse input smoothing mode in minecraft, I think it's intended for videos to make things less jerky)


The second thing to check is does it do this even on a new world? (use a name you've never used, like temp so you don't accidentally rebuild an old world)

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Vy I know exactly what you mean. I get the "double-click syndrome" as well. It just happens whenever it wants. I am certain it is due to the way Minecraft "sees" it's blocks. The issue got really bad in a barn I made out of carpenters blocks. Every time I looked down I would place 1 or 2 blocks extra.


I thought it was my mouse button being wore down due to constant use but I am beginning to rule this thought out because I play other games and I don't have that issue.

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