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  1. You are most likely running the wrong jar file, you need to run the "BTeam.jar" and NOT the "minecraft_server.1.6.4.jar".
  2. Things I usually try is to keep everything in one chunk, keep power conduits short and try not to have power conduits branch. If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure what you can do.
  3. It says press space bar, but It really means press what ever key you assigned to jump
  4. Another more cheaty method is to install Opis and then you can see with chunks have entities as the meteorites register as such.
  5. Plus a health dose of flashing text and perhaps and auto playing midi file
  6. Yeah I don't know. I could never get this to work myself.
  7. You can use MapWriter's full screen map view to try and see and irregularities on the surface.
  8. Just gotta remap a few keys and make sure they don't overlap. I usually put the MapWriter one in the bottom right corner or don't display it at all and only use MapWriter's full screen mode when I need it
  9. Did you try it with NumLock on or off?
  10. Want a lot of iron without having to mine it? A dark room that is filled to the brim with oreberry bushes and autonomous activators all piping to a redstone furnace and 2 cyclic assemblers into a deep storage unit. You'll have iron blocks for days.
  11. Did you use a crescent hammer to change the itemduct connected to the harvester from output to input?
  12. FPS Lag perhaps? I get that mainly because I can't help myself when it comes to things like carpenters blocks and microblocks.
  13. I was thinking of the Mandrake.
  14. Tried all 3 Witchery saplings and Ents spawn with all of them. Did I read right someone that they have a higher chance of spawning at night?
  15. Considering that the developer of EP2 seems to have dropped it like a stinky potato, I'd say you're right. Hence Stargates!
  16. Some people say it's Morph and EnhancedPortals 2 not playing nice together. Which is why I stopped using EnhancedPortals 2 and installed LanteaCraft and now we use Stargates
  17. Yeah fluiducts. The MFR Oil Fabricator auto pumps out, so no need to set the direction or add an Pneumatic Servo. The GC refinery doesn't auto pump put so you need to set the direction and add a Pneumatic server and set the redstone behaviour (I just put a lever on it so i can switch between pumping it into an OpenBlocks Tank and filling fuel canisters).
  18. MFR Oil Fabricator straight into a GC Refinery into OpenBlocks Tanks into GC Fuel Loader.
  19. Yep. Best way to deal with unwanted Galacticraft Oil is the OpenBlocks Sponge. If you actually need oil to go to the moon or mars, then the MFR Oil Fabricator pumping straight into the Galacticraft Refinery is the easy way to go. No running around with canisters and an oil extractor which is a P.I.T.A.
  20. Are you sure it isn't Galacticraft oil? Either way you can use an oil collector thingie or a sponge to get rid of it. (I'd use the sponge, then when you need oil use the oil fabricator, much less fiddly).
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