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[SOLVED] Intermittent Lag

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After I play for an hour or two, I will start to have lag issues, particularly when I get into complex areas and am performing many actions (e.g., a cave with lava and water falls and monsters audible in the distance and me zipping through placing torches, breaking blocks, etc.). The game screen will freeze for a few seconds then move again but freeze again, and proceed this way on and off until I turn the application all the way off and relaunch. Once I relaunch the game from the Tekkit Lite launcher it will generally work okay for another few hours or so. I have yet to see it immediately occur in the same situation where it lagged previously.


I think I may have an older version of minecraft, which is weird because I have not played the game for over a year, and only a few days ago logged in and re-downloaded it to this machine.


How can I update minecraft to the appropriate version so that it will rule out that possiblitiy?


Is there a log file or something I could share?


ADDIT: thanks to Plowman's directions I found the tracker section and noticed the stickied thread by Kitty recommending upgrading of Java to be first step for any lag issues. I had thought I was already updated but what I found was that I had 32-bit Java installed whereas my system is 64-bit. This was (evidently) the result of the fact that I use Firefox, which does not have an official 64-bit version. When you go to Java download with Firefox it doesn't even show you the 64-bit download as an option.


By installing "Nightly" (the 'test' 64-bit version of Firefox) I was able to get 64-bit Java installed and all lag problems have gone away.

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