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Crash when modifing exo-armor from tinkers construct

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Can any one help i am willing to post any info needed as long as i can get it


Please read this: 

Then go post your issue on the tracker.


Ill just solve it my self its much easier than that so bye bye >.> 


...?  That is a strange series of messages.



For future people browsing past this, while I do appreciate LordMinecraftful's directness, if a person can't even be bothered to read the rules or submit a crash report to give us a chance of helping them, I'll take note of that - if I have to pick between helping this guy and someone else, it won't be this guy.  It's not personal, but I don't have infinite time so I'm going to choose the person who may be able to follow the kind of instructions I give to help them rather than someone who can't, or won't.  Melfice's asking someone to submit the minimum amount of info (that also happens to be the rules for this kind of thing) isn't crazy or difficult here.


That aside, best of luck LordMinecraftful! :)

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