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More than one world?


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There is quite a lot you can do there:

  • The Nether is a comple world with its own rules and possibilities (from vanilla Minecraft, mentioning it for completeness)
  • The Moon and Mars from Galacticraft are additional worlds, again with lots of things to do there
  • Mystcraft Ages are custom-created dimensions that may be fun to expore and (ab)use
  • Dimensional Doors adds some crazy stuff, although it is not exactly stable at this point, so use at your own peril

There is no reason to demand more Overworlds, because (at least in the PC version of Minecraft), the Overworld is theoretically endless. New chunks will be generated ad nauseam no matter how far you go away from your spawn point. Practically, the server's memory and processing capabilities do impose some limits, though.


Mystcraft will still allow you to create Overworld-like dimensions if you master it, so maybe you want to study that.

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