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[1.2.10] FunTekServers [PVE] [20 Slots] [Ranks, Shops, GriefPrevention] [PvP bypass items banned]


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Server ip: funtekservers.zapto.org


Hello everyone welcome to FunTekServers, Im here today to show off my new Tekkit Main Server, First off it is a non pvp server and griefing is absolutely not tolerated, There are a few items that are banned because they bypass pvp protection as well as claimed protection. I am hoping to see a lot of people join this server, It is a rank based server, For instance you can unlock certain items that are banned via your rank, You rankup over time.


Server Rules:

No griefing

No spamming

No advertising

No racism

No sexism

No disrespect

No Nagging

Swearing is allowed.

Not following these rules will result in a permanent ban.


Banned items:


All throwing knifes

All battleaxes

All halberds

All turtles

All muskets


Matter cannon

All Flails



Fire rod

All warhammers


All spears

All boomarangs

Lux capacitors

SPAMR launcher








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