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  1. Try increasing your memory allocation inside the launcher.
  2. Are you running the latest version of the launcher? The color of the text is in black...
  3. Try deleting those old files and reinstall it fresh. Delete the .technic folder and try to run the launcher as an administrator.
  4. It appears to be working for me. Try again now.. They probably had some bugs at launch.
  5. It appears to be working for me. Try again now.. They probably had some bugs at launch.
  6. I think Towny or MyTown.. not sure if they are outdated though. I never ran a server so I would not know how to configure it.
  7. 1. How do you efficiently and quickly get ender pearls? Or do you just use A philosophers stone? You can plant ender lillies or use a phil. stone. By the time you get to mid-end game you can use an autospawner to make it for you. 2. Other than a mining laser/precharger, what is the point in having a 20k + rf/t reactor and tons of resonant energy cells? Do big manufactories use that much power? There really is nothing in the game that uses the same amount of power for a mining laser.. Maybe if you have an huge processing plant that runs on ME because it can draw a ton of power. 3. Based on
  8. The NEI crafting recipes are mostly correct, except for the liquids... Or my NEI has the liquid recipe mixed up added pictures http://imgur.com/jZVETyQ
  9. Why would you just want one when you could fill the entire inventory with it? Use the red dense option on the emptying/depositing storage and have a white list on the planter for that specific sapling. So because the pipe is on dense config it will be the last option for the item after checking all the inventories or black/whitelists.
  10. Do you mean it only outputs 1k or 5k in the GUI? Did you try checking the tps?
  11. They should have a way to delete posts...
  12. I heard AMD has some RAMDisk software but I am not sure if they are any good right now. Crucial SSDs MX100 are pretty affordable the last time I checked (also in my build). Haven't had any problems despite restarting it like 3 times/day while starting to boot up for the first few weeks. (old GPU didn't support Win8) Sidenote: OCZ is back under Toshiba. They supposedly gained some Toshiba tech to improve their line of SSDs. Not sure if it changes anything though?
  13. SSD last longer than HDDs. No mechanical parts = longer life. Prices are decreasing and are at a considerable point but size/gb is not spectacular. Maybe some more ram if you do not have enough?(Hardware)
  14. If you still get stuck on "building world", just wait a little while then restart tekkit and the world you created would be fine.
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