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This is for the Minecraft Ultimate Survival modpack


So i was just playing the UMS London server minding my own business, and then i got banned by KingOfCookie out of nowhere. The reason being (according to the ban).. I was griefing 57 shops or some shit.. First of all i dont do any griefing in any shape or form, i found the legendary abandoned player shop by the spawner. when i found it, it was in ruins because of other players taking the weapon stands, but i still could buy shit, so i set home there just in case.  I guess the admin KingOfCookie thought that i destroyed the place so instead of warning me or talking to me at all, he bans me. making me loose all the work that i have done in that fucking server. I think that is really unfair and dumb.  whoever decides to read this and find this action of the admin ridiculous, help me by doing anything in your powers to either: Unban me, get  KingOfCookie kicked off, or get me unbanned and kick the KingOfCookie off.  :q:



Plz Let KingOfCookie read this message and see what he has done lol

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