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Large Biomes: Performance Hindrance?


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Question for Plow or anyone who might know: are large biomes generally avoided on servers for performance issues?


Have noticed that all the worlds on circlecraft (well the CC and JC worlds) have small biomes. I tend to prefer large biomes, and have a nice singleplayer game going in JClite with large biomes.


I have noticed some lag issues in the JCLite game, most notably when I run at tops speed in a jungle biome (lots of stuff I guess?). Also the 'tears' or whatever they are that occur (the black chasms that you cannot cross and only seem to be able to fix by relogging) seem a bit more common than with small biomes.

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  • Try changing the value of "cleanuptime" in the jcliteconfigChickenChunks.cfg file to 0 (zero).
  • Like most 1.6.4+ packs that are large-ish, worldgen can be an HUGE load on the system. SSP basically runs a tiny server on your local system behind the client for you to play on. Moving rapidly creates a lot of worldgen (when in new areas) and can cause significant load. Try changing that value in the first bullet point and see if you have better results.
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Wow 1200 default to zero. That is a big change.


Sure will try that!


Up till now it hasn't been crippling, kind of intermittent, but maybe that will make it go away completely. I also upped my allocated memory to 4GB in the launcher a while back and that seems to have helped with the intermittent lag I was sometimes getting.

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