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I recently started a new series on YouTube regarding MCEdit, while this series is geared toward vanilla minecraft, these tutorials can be applied to modpacks as well. And due to the need to use MCEdit in some cases for crash repairing, etc, I figured it appropriate to post these tutorials here.


Each episode will show in their own spoiler, feel free to leave comments here or on the video page.


Ep1 - User Interface


Ep2 - Selection, Brush, Clone, Fill & Replace


Ep3 - Move Player, Move Spawn Point, Chunk Control



Additional Credits

Music By
Wayde Martin - Neon Lights (Instrumental)

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Finally got around to recording Episode 2 of the series which will be available on YouTube soon. I will also be making textual guides for all episodes at some point and having them in this thread as a sub-spoiler of the appropriate episode spoiler tag. Also, just a note: Episode 2 has a shorter intro duration. Found the previous time to be too long and more cumbersome than really helpful. I'm also looking for feedback on these video tutorials as well since I haven't done many of them and my preferred tutorial/guide method is textual (if my aotb tutorials werent a hint toward that)

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