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Mars lag fix?


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Does anyone know of a fix and or have a patch for mars' lag. I know that lag is due to dungeon gen and i know how to fix it with a re-code but i cannot have my dev do it as of now as he is working on another patch. If anyone has this i would really appreciate it and we can work out some sort of deal for it.

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Loader, this mars lag issue was actually known by Galacticraft devs, https://github.com/micdoodle8/Galacticraft/issues/295 goes into it in a bit more detail.


The issue with the lag was that the rooms arrays were never cleared, eventually causing the arrays to be stupidly large and cause lag as the mod traversed this ever increasing array of rooms to spawn in. Though this issue should of been released to this modpack already and should no longer be a concern.


Edit: After a quick look at GC's Jenkins, this issue was resolved in build 981, which was many builds ago since we're on build 1063.

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