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patched texture pack


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hello newb here


can i get a texture pack with all mods patched?


like one of sphax or john smith



i cant find one which is already patched like the one for feed the beast.


any will do, i would prefer a fully patched one but even a partially patched one is good

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Sorry about the lack of clarity!


The Sphax Tekkit patch that is hosted on MediaFire kept trying to have me install a downloader to get the file.  Turns out that when I clicked on the download button on the MediaFire site the file downloaded, but the information that it was blocked out by a window that popped up seeking permission to install a downloader so that I could get my file.  When I clicked "no" the page closed and it looked like I didn't get my file.  For some reason I decided to look in my download folder and there was the Sphax Texture file.



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Welcome to Tekkit!


Sphax has a Tekkit patch again, we recently >discussed it.


There are also working versions of >Faithful and >Soartex, it seems (Soartex was linked in the last post there).


whao! thanks dood, its amazing. i think the sphax pack has almost all textures patched!


it makes the game considerably more pleasant to play


i'll try the other two pack too.




now to actually learn how to play tekkit....

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