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How To Restart Completely Tekkit Lite


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My tekkit lite bugged and now i cant do stuff like hitting blocks.



 can someone say to me how  to reset the whole mod,

or, how to disistall and reinstall,

or, another tekkit lite with max 70 mods (because my pc will get laggy)



If i had any writng probelms sorry.


Plz help me as soon as you can!




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could've been easier to just spill out the fix, Kal?


Mc700, you need to click the Cog-Wheel button that is beneath the modpack icon on the launcher window. Click the "Reset Modpack" button there


you can delete the .technic folder on %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic

(click Start button on your desktop and type "%appdata%" on the search bar, without quotations)


if any further issues arise, take it to the Tracker and follow the Tracker Rules


double-edit. Remember to backup your saves, because the latter option will erase your save files!

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