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problem with the green bars Cause lagg


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PS : the problem not because of me . please read  the following ..>


Hi . I have a problem that any modded server I download and out it on my list server myself it gives me Just 1 green bar . So the problem here is that whatever modded server I download and see that I have 1 green bar , that means my friends have 1 green bar too and the get a very bad lagg ! but on some of the modded servers that I have a full green bar they get the usual like 3-4 bars !


But every time I get 1 bar they get lagg

But for me I don't get any lagg !



So is there a fix for this problem ! ?

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Need more info. What modpacks? Whats the server specs?

>:C I wrote everything and then I pressed backspace ... everything gone >:C :P


>:C it happened again >:C




these are the games I tried give me 1 bar > cause a lagg to the others


- TEKKIT ( the new one )



- even FTB


This is the game that I tried and gave me 3 bars > doesn't cause lagg !

- tekkit Classic

( 3 Bars and I am the one who's opening the server )


Whats the server specs ??

What do U mean ?

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Server specifications of the computer that is running the server, ie: RAM, CPU, PSU, Mother board, etc... including OS (Operating System), 32-bit/64-bit. etc

Like Kalbinition said your info is a little unspecific still. Another thing that could clear things up is ... where is the server actually running?





Here is it http://dragonarmy.msi.com/home/weapons/GT70-2PE-Dominator-Pro  :D

but it's windows 7 now


the server running in it !

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So basicly its your own machine that is client and server at the same time which is probably connected to an adsl line through which your friends are trying to connect to your machine?

If so .... that will most likely never work.

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So basicly its your own machine that is client and server at the same time which is probably connected to an adsl line through which your friends are trying to connect to your machine?

If so .... that will most likely never work.

I didn't say that No one can join !

 they just get lagg

 we use ( evolve ) so that we can play together

normal minecraft server > work

tekkit classic > work


Attack of the B-team > X

tekkit lite > X

tekkit > X

Hexxit > X


well to prove that it's not the problem that you said  > I just opened the server and still my friend has lagg ....

... I am waiting for help :c please :c

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how fast is your line speed? ... the upload is the crucial component.

How are the ping responsetimes between the two machines while Client and Server are running?


let me elaborate a little.

A home DSL connection is not sufficient for hosting a minecraftserver with multiple users. We could start to run some performancetests but the result will be all the same.

I have 10+ years experience in networking ... believe me ... I know what I am doing.


I had tried what you are doing when I started playing Minecraft. I have a pretty decent VDSL Line (100Mbit downstream and 20Mbit Upstream) and a Vanillaserver worked wir 3 players (one of them was me connecting from localhost) but then a fourth player broke the server. Lags come from various sources and an on the fly setup like yours might work for a few players on a vanilla server, but not once the machine has to cope with modded clients and servers. Our dedicated server that we are runing through a professional host can easily use up all his 8GB of memory and cause lag for us when someone puts up massive chunkloaders around his automated factories.

Now imagine your have to cope with a modded server that consumes that much memory and a client that can easily consume 3-5GB Ram as well. At the same time he has to handle connections from other players through a most likely thin DSL line.


Lags can be casued by serveroverload due to lack of ressources , they can be caused by overloaded or faulty ISP lines, they can be caused by overloaded or disturbed WLAN connections and various other sources. Believe me ... throw together some money and rent a professional server ... you will not be happy with what you have in mind.

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Browser is quite right about the upload rate being surprising for minecraft - Vanilla (last I checked, it's admittedly been a while) could sustain 1Mbps for 3 players exploring, and big modpacks (like this one) could be that much each player.


VDSL2 is better but it's more intended for throughput, not designed much about latency concerns, so it's never going to be a great experience.  3 players may experience similar lag to 10.  SDSL is a similar problem to VDSL2 (but much rarer).


Fibre/Cable is fine... depending on your local area.  It's heavily influenced by the users around you locally when compared with the other technologies.



In spite of all that though, the fact that you as the host aren't getting a full indicator for your own connection implies to me that it's the server overloaded - just too much to handle.  Check your server settings (launch.bat) and make sure it's got a few gig assigned that it can work with (4+).

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Ditto on what BrowserXL said and Lodaer. Also, more about the actual hardware that you linked - it should be able to host a server and client together without too much issue for a small group of friends (3-4 players only). If you're getting lag yourself, then the server most likely isn't keeping up and you should see that in the console about "Did the system time change?" type of message complaining about it not being able to keep up. If that message is seen, then its for sure that the computer isnt keeping up with what it needs to even for yourself and that it may be impossible even though the hardware should be good enough to host a small group. Do keep in mind though, that having other applications running in the background (chat programs, skype, browsers, etc) will take additional processing time away from the server and client which can easily cause issues as well as chat programs, skype, browsers, etc will also take away bandwidth which will directly affect anyone who joins with you on top of any lag the server is already experiencing and it will only be worse if someone joins since it now has more work to do with the same amount of time.

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