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City of Ember map Idea

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Recently I came up with the idea to make a map that has a city completely underground(ie city of ember). And what the basic idea is is to dig a hole through a mountain and down to bedrock then nuke it then put smooth stone over the bedrock and create a city.

I will need some asthetic builders (10?) that can build nice looking 2-3 story buildings, and some Railcraft people.

If you want to help please respond with this form and I'll give you the IP.


expirience/skills in tekkit:



why you think this is cool:

skype name:


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age: 13

skills in tekkit: 2 months, advanced

ign: alxder

irl: Alexander

Why you think this is cool: I have already built an underground city without mods, this one will be more interesting.

skype name: ALXD3R

mic: Turtle beach X11 (Xbox mic)

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expirience/skills in tekkit: Major I have worked in 3 tekkit maps not including the single player worlds i do

ign: bboyblaiser

irl: Blaise White

why you think this is cool: I think this would be cool because it includes all the major forms of things Technic and A map build

skype name: blaze.white3

mic?: yes

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expirience/skills in tekkit: 1 year: Medium, I know enough of the mods to create machines, factoriesz and things!

ign: Zombiekingdom

irl: Nathaiel

why you think: I wanted to build a tekkit map for some time, however I am aready working on a adventure map! So I haven't the time. :(

skype name: dave_and_bob

mic?: Unfortunately, no

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