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Noob need help

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Hi i have installed tekkit lite the first time and was wondering that the mincraft version is 1.4.7 is that right?


can i play the hole thing with shaders and Sphax PureBDcraft textures and if that so.. how can i install it ?


The first time i put the textures in the texture folder but than mincraft crash...



Ps: sry for the english its not my languege

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You would install Sphax like you would with texture packs back in the day - you would have to find a download though appropriate for the game version, as additional work would be necessary for converting 1.6+ resource packs back into texture packs. As for shaders, those would work too, but only if you could find shaders that worked with 1.4.7

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A pre-patched modpack.jar which enables HD textures for Tekkit Lite. Replace your existing modpack.jar with this file: http://www.jaj.com/tekkitlite/modpack.jar


Sphax 64x Tekkit Lite patch (base Sphax not included): http://www.jaj.com/tekkitlite/SphaxTekkitLite64x_Mods.zip

Sphax 128x Tekkit Lite patch (base Sphax not included): http://www.jaj.com/tekkitlite/SphaxTekkitLite128x_Mods.zip

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