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Technic 7 Multiplayer Split-up survival

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This is split-up survival, a multiplayer survival map. What it is, is you spawn on top of two areas, one with a bedrock roof, and one with a glass roof. There are two tiny houses, one person goes in each one. You then fall into an area. The one with the glass roof has sunlight, but isn't very deep. The other is deep, and has no sunlight. You can give supplies to the other side through a portal. There is a hole in the wall with a cable in it for the other side to be powered if you use solar power. Technic 7 required. The download is a .zip folder with "rules and challenges.txt" "screens (folder with .png screenshots)" and "split up (the save folder)". PM me the link to any Let's plays, I might link them in the description here. Here are the screenshots (in crappier quility, since they can't have a width over 800).



from a different angle


Thing you survive in


Inside the bedrock roofed area


Bed-roofed portal


close up


Glass roofed inside


Glass-roofed portal


close up


Rules: once inside you may not build up to the top and leave through the house OR destroy the roof.

You may not destroy the portal or block it.

You may not make any new portals.

You may not go to the nether.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?eur1wxhivvii4sn

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And therefore your portals are buggered. Use the trade-o-mat, or pipes in the middle somewhere.

EDIT : Actually he's not wrong, due to the new API, things like thaumcraft will have to become SMP compatible. Although I forsee zeppelin mod taking sharp objects up the butt with this one. I assumed that would never be in SMP, due to the spaghetti mess of code needed to make it work.

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