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Power armor nice setup ?


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My setup probably won't be worth sharing, I'm not all that advanced, but one weight saving tip is to not install batteries. If you keep an energy cell of any kind in your inventory, the power suit will drain from that. A redstone/resonant cell should be able to easily power an advanced setup, plus it doesn't weigh anything!

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bochen meant to say that using the highest-grade armouring is recommended, which is the (expensive) energy shields.

Going commando, as Ironclaw suggested, is the next pro tip. Or however you want to call using a Powersuit without any actual power storage. Feels a little like running without underwear. Which can feel good to the wearer at least.


Other than that, load in what you like. The in-suit power generation, especially the Solar Module for the helmet, seem to produce random overheating issues, which will instantly kill you if they occur, so maybe forfeit those. In general, avoiding overheating should be your prime concern, because overheating often means complete loss of suit and all inventory if it happens in remote areas. Be careful with the Power Glove as well. It seems to share the overheating counter with the suit. I killed myself three times in quick succession before I found that out. That Railgun is not so useful anyway.

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yeah, the batteries in the suit are making it really heavy...


One Resonant Energy cell in your inventory will gain you 5M energy and they can be easily recharged. (I think this is even more than you can get when you put in the largest batteries)

The normal solar generator doesn't do any problems, what Curunir is talking about is the advanced solar generator, maybe they fix this issue somewhere in the future, until then I wouldn't use it ;)


With the Cell in your inventory you won't have to look at your Power usage as 5M is really a lot...


I think the Railgun is the best weapon the suit can offer, it doesn't destroy any blocks, it does a lot of damage and it's precise. On the other hand, it produces a lot of heat so be aware of this...


Tips for the nether: use active Cooling, and put in a small water tank for emergencys...


do not tinker the flight system in your helmet, let it stay on 0%, then the suit keeps height and you can adust it manually ;)

Armor doesn't stack > 10, so if you built the expensive energy shield, theres no need for any other plating then.

Luckiely you won't have to salvage it, just set it to 0, it won't weight anything with this setting.

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