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1.2.9e atomic science 1.2 fission reactor problems


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I've got the drain working on mine. I connected a fluid duct with a servo, wrenched it to red, and set redstone signal to ignored. It's going to a portable tank, and then out to a fluid void pipe.

On a related question, I'm having trouble finding what kind of output is normal for steam and power. How much steam does it take to run an AS turbine at full speed, and how much RF should I expect? I know this mod in this version has issues, but I'd like to explore it anyway.

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As far as I'm aware, Fission Reactors are having such severe issues that they are considered broken in the current version. You can of course try to prove otherwise. Guides on this may be in short supply, because Atomic Science is out of development and I doubt that people will make guides for broken mods. The contents of the mod have moved to Resonant Induction, which is not in Tekkit, but might be included at some point when Atomic Science is dropped out.Tekkit devs have not commented on this issue so far.


Somebody was nice and wrote an >introduction to Fusion Reactors a while back, which apparently work much better. The stable and safe option is to use Yellorium Reactors from the BigReactors mod. You probably know that, but I'm dropping it here for others who may stumble upon this thread.

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