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Looking forward to next Tekkit - AE2!!


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I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting some ruminations about future Tekkit here...


So I was doing some research a day or so ago and tumbled to the fact that AE2 has a stable build for 1.7.10!  I do not know, nor am I asking(!), if the updeated version will be included in the next big update of Tekkit but...wow!!


I know I've been reading a post here and there about the general lack of tech progression within Tekkit (like IC2 had - I don't know personally that was before my time) but there are some very interesting things coming with AE2.  Setting up ME Networks is much more involved - again it is much more granular in its technology.


In a way it seems to want to including the abilities to be a stand alone mod.  FREX - it has it own power generation system.


It is certainly much more complex that it is currently.  I guess it could be said to be more granular in its technology.  Many items that used to be unique are now more vanilla that then accept upgrades to gain a certain functionality.  Fluix Crystals need to grown now instead of crafted. 


It looks like it has been designed from an early stage for Forge Multi Blocks.  FREX - The ME Terminal is now a panel that connects to ME cable and both items fit within a single block.  Looks way cool!  The mod even has "illumination panels" like flat panel lighting!


It has meteors that one needs to find both for resources and a chest as the center which contains certain ... blue prints(?) ... needed to make necessary parts for the mod.


It even "looks" cool in that it uses "light" to convery important information about the status of the network.


Looks like AlgorithmX2 is working very hard on it - builds look to be posted almost nightly.  Also looks to be working on integrating with other mods as a high priority.


Can't wait!

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*drool* sounds pretty cool :) I like the fact that you cant just setup a quarry or laser drill to progress in AE, since you have to find these meteors. But I think it is gonna be some time until Tekkit is 1.7.10 since 1.2.10 needs to get recommended and 1.7.10 build from scratch.

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I tried gathering almost all mods from Tekkit in their latest versions for 1.7.10. Almost everything is still beta, and one major thing is that Thermal Expansion lacks the ducts and conduits. Team COFH said they will be in a separate mod, but for now they're not out

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Use EnderIO conduits. They can transfer liquids, power and items in one block. Again the 'Forge Multi Block' type of behaviour. Come to think of it FMP has nothing to do with Forge. Devs stated it should be named Chickenbones Multi Part after the author.


Large edit:


I'm in love with the 8/32 channel limit for the AE2 fluix/dense cable. You start with 'Why my Induction Smelter isn't working' then you go through  'How can I connect this thing with only 8 devices on one side of the ME Controller'. Suddenly a sheep/spider farm to get wool for the Covered Cable and then the Dense one is number one priority on your list.

This leads to rebuilding from scratch the whole network with the ME Controller in the centre of the base and Dense Cables from it sides to the walls an then you can put a simple Fluix Cable.

Personally I like the Charger and as stated in the first post - the Inscriber. This adds a lot new futures to the game.


The seeds - this is the bad part IMHO, they grow extremely slow but with some trickery (source) you can speed up the process to seconds.




AE2 is extremely difficult at start and very annoying with slowing down your progress but every step you take and accomplish some automation your smile is much bigger than with AE1 from 1.6.4.


As for the added EnderIO - it's perfect.


Imagine a MFR Grinder in 1.6.4 connected from three sides with fluid, power and item pipes.

With EnderIO you can achieve it from a single side.

One conduit to rule them all.

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Bochen415 - Did you make all that in the last 24 hours or have you been playing it prior?  Well done either way, but if you did all that in 24 hours - you da man!  (Thanks for sharing the pics!)


Regarding 8/32 channels on the cables: theres even another layer - P2P (point to point) connections.  One side of the P2P connector (or whatever it is properly called) can accept 8 channels.  The other side can then connect to either a fluix or a dense cable but here's the kick - it condenses the 8 channels down to 1 channel until you have to break it out again.  So with thoughtful planning you can squeeze a large numbers of channels onto even a regular 8 channel smart cable.


One can now create small 8 channel or less networks that don't require an ME Controller.


Another things I just saw was that the Interface Terminal now shows what type of device is making a given order!  So if an order is going to be processed by an Induction Smelter it will be indicated as such in the interface!


The Macro Assembler looks to be a mixed bag.  On the one hand you no longer have one big central MAC.  Instead you have individual visible MAC's that are connected to the network with ME interfaces which is where you place you patterns.  On quick reflections everything that is made in the ME Network must pass through an ME Interface.  The MAC as I mentioned before is now a tranparent looking cube which is fed and the results removed by ME Interfaces.  This will neccessitate spreading out the MAC portion of the ME Network.


Also ME cables now carry power to run non AE devices, redstone signals, obviously AE data and a forth item I can't remember!  Gah!


Looks to be verrrrry interesting!

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Bochen415 - Did you make all that in the last 24 hours or have you been playing it prior?  Well done either way, but if you did all that in 24 hours - you da man!  (Thanks for sharing the pics!)


I played some 1.7.10 and some 1.6.4 simultaneously for some time now.

As for now - nothing beats a custom modpack.

The Digital Miner from mekanism is the coolest multiblock ever.

Oh, new Simply Jetpacks is out - mobs can now use jetpacks... Downloading right away.

If anyone of you have a problem with the new Redstone Arsenal and Mekanism in 1.7.10 - just drop the IC2 API (only the api not the full mod) to your mods directory.

If some of you have problems with TE4 blocks turning into facades - PM me for the solution and for anything on 1.7.10.



Another auto Inscriber example. (source)

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Great tutorial!  Thanks for making the effort and documenting it so thoroughly.


Tutorials are not mine. Thank the FTB subreddit... and in this case the mod author shared it.

Only the single pics are from my base.


Edit: Mmmmm.... Bedrockium drum.... 65 535 buckets of fluid in one block....

I think I'm going to make 20 cobblestone generators today for the recipe...

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