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Tekkit server help

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Hi i just recently made a tekkit server and my friends can not connect to it. I read up on the internet and people say the you need to give them you public ip. I did that and they still could bot connet to it. I can get on it with out any problems. Is there anything that i am missing?

Please get back to me.



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Firewalls maybe?

Port forwarding on router? i have a d-link DIR-655 and i found i didnt have to do any port forwarding, my pc is also in the DMZ of my router so that might make a difference there. if your router has DMZ use it at your on risk

the right ip? or similar would not be the right ip, if not sure what your ip is just google "whats my ip"

dont forget the port when adding the ip, when they type in the ip they need to put the port that by default should be 25565 example

Notice the colon ( : ) and it not a semi colon ( ; )

hope this helps some

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