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Tekkit Texture pack Beta

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hey! just thought id share something im making with you, Im working on re texturing all the tekkit textures. So far I have half(ish) of IC2 and some redpower done. Basically i just recolored and improvised textures from Balea and the asian addon for LB photorealism. Here's the download so far


If you would like to help post a 256x256 texture of anything and ill add it on. Thanks for the consideration! Please leave some feedback below!

I mostly made this texture pack for myself and my brother for personal use, so dont expect me to be very dedicated to it. If i finish it I will finish it If i don't i don't.

(just to be clear that I didnt MAKE the textures only recolored, changed existing ones. All credit goes to the makers of the previously mentioned texture packs)

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Aww.....this always seems to happen. Its a lot of work, folks tire of it. Makes me wish I knew how to do this and could pick up where you left off. Hopefully someone that does have the know-how and patience to stick it out will pick it up...or maybe you will get the MC fever again and dig back into it and finish 'er up! It was looking sooo amazing!! /sadface

Post your files for anyone that may have the talent and know-how to complete this fantastic project please!

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