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help with protecting areas and mod harmony

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title may be confusing but it's exactly what i'm looking for. i have looked and couldn't find a solution to the world guard problem where you can still place blocks in protected regions, but besides that the capability to grief protected areas is high. you can use mining lazers to shoot from long range, or red matter hammers. all i'm looking for (i say that as if it is no small feat) is perfect server smoothness and harmony. protection for all types of chests for all the different mods. please hit me up here, tell me your server settings. configuring the perfect "bubblewrap" server for tekkit is time consuming (not bashing tekkit in anyway, its an amazing pack) and finding perfect balance isn't easy so i was hoping for some pointers on how you went about fixing various problems. Thank you :)

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Well if you want a perfect server then your going to have to do the work yourself ... and actually read. Everything you just asked about has already been posted and answered in these forums. Do some research if you actually want to make a good server, don't expect others to do it for you.

You can prob start here


and here


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this was my problem. i wanted to post about this stuff without sounding like a total asstard but that is damn near impossible. i thank you very much for the links you gave me and i did do some reading and realize that i posted a pointless topic. that being said, i cannot post a simple well mannered topic without you guys becoming critical and automatically assuming i have no idea how to read or navigate forums. i was just looking for a hand an was by no means asking anyone to do all the work for me. stop turning me into an asshole when i am genuinely just looking for help

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