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Banning items from IC2 ect

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Ok am having a few problems i have got the patches for DM/RM tools and the moded EE file that disables a few EE items , but i cant disable the mining lasor or nukes, now i followed a post on here http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,7939.msg53216.html#msg53216

i changed this, saved and restarted the server , but people can still craft it.

# Enable crafting of gunpowder out of dusts



# Enable crafting of nukes


# Enable crafting of rails out of bronze


And am not sure if this is right but the ID for the mining laser (30208:1) but if you look in the IC2.cfg at the bottom it say ( itemToolMiningLaser=29952 ) which is a total different number and there is no 30208:1 in the whole config file. And they can all make nukes :(

Thanks in advance for the reply`s and help :)

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If that doesn't work it may be worthwhile to look into banning the item with PermissionsEX and ModifyWorld. The config can be a bit tricky but if you search the forums for PEX or ModifyWorld then should find a few topics. Then just ban the item with that item ID when it's in your hand in the permissions file

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