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I have recently joined your forums looking to recruit more members for my Tekkit Corperation which has already has 8 members. It is really hard to find members on vanilla minecraft forums and this would be a perfect place to find people interested in tekkit. However, upon joining this forums I was confused. There is no real place my thread would belong. In light of this, I have three questions.

1) Are Clan/Guild/Corperation recruiting threads appropriate on the forums?

2) Is there a place that I can put such a thread that I have missed?

3) If there isn't a place, would it be possible to create a forum for these threads

Thank you for your time,


Founder and CEO of Sora Engineering Group

Mod Edit: Don't do that.

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That entirely depends on what the hell it is.

What is your purpose, what does your tekkit "corporation" do? answer that, and we'll see.

It is most likely best to list out current projects, that would explain what we do the best.

-A massive Train System connecting each town/base on the server. Very railcraft heavy. It will also be computercraft enabled. Me and another board member are working on programing a GPS system that will tell people which stations to transfer and which platforms to use at each station to get to where they want to go. I'm also planning a computer error detection system/interactive map that will allow us to determine roughly the position of every minecart on the track and automatically switch tracks.

-MorseNet: This is our solution for long distance computercraft networking. It is hard to explain, but it is a wireless morsecode network with "servers" that automatically respond to certain strings. For example: Transmitting in morsecode Mail.<Username>.<EncrptedNon-morsePassword>.MorNet will return the user's mail sent back over morsenet. We have the core system working, but a recent test crashed the server. We are working to result this issue.

-A computercraft ran banking system and stock market. Currently on pause because of faults in MorseNet

-Central nuclear powerplant + a method a billing customers using an EU detection wire and computercraft.

-Coding solutions for our clients on the server.

-Providing Training for all server users

Even if you don't think this is appropriate, I feel a clan section on the forum would be of benefit to groups who operate within servers.

Sorry about signing my post. I made an assumption it would be a non-issue but I shouldn't have done that. I won't make another mistake.

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Okay, so you're essentially a group of players who would all group up and play on a couple specific servers. That seems reasonable enough. Cafe lame is a fine place for your post for now. If a better place presents itself, we'll move you.

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Ok, thank you guys. I'll make a post in the tekkit SMP section. I'm just waiting for us to complete the corporate tower and I'll make the post. Thanks again.

nah, don't repost, we'll just move it.
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Jay?, yes it does.

about the topic, which server is this corp on? I would be interested in helping with the railcraft stations, clueless with computercraft though, never took the time to learn. If you would be willing to, I would reccomend you ask if the owner of the server could install the floppy version of redworks, which is insanely awesome.

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