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Problem with Voltz Server jar [V2.0.4]


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Hi all ,


Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue I am having? , I downloaded the recommended server jar from the voltz site however once

Its unziped and configured , it doenst start and displays an error (see below) ? if anyone has any ideas would be appreciated! :)

Also its worth noteing I can run the development build 3.1.2.jar and it works , just seems to be the recommended build I am having the issue with?


error message screenshot: '>

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It seems to not be able to download a certain file from minecraft forge it is trying to download bcprov-jdk15on-148.jar.


It seems to be missing the forge libraries for minecraft 1.5.2 you could try searching for those and dropping those in. (mcpc libraries for 1.5.2)

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