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Worldguard is OpenSource, Why not make one for tekkit?

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Hey guys, I got bored so I looked at Worldguard's Dev Page and it says that "WorldGuard is Open Source" So, why don't someone make a version of Worldguard JUST for Tekkit! It would help tons of people with all of these Griefing issues!

In this Build of it you could do the following

1. Add more Flags

a: Dis/Allow Rings

b: Dis/Allow Catalyst

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OP: Just FYI, the patch in the previous post requires Java 7. If you're using Java 6 (which is available on more operating systems than 7 and is what minecraft/tekkit itself lists as the only java requirement,) then installing the patch will delete all the EE content in your world, except for the contents of alchemical bags. (The bags themselves will be deleted and uncraftable until you remove the patch or install Java 7.)

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