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Shaders Mod for B-Team (1.6.4)


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New guy here.

I just installed the B-Team server and everything is running nicely.


I now want to use a shaders mod (these are only client side, right?) to make things look even more beautiful :)


Is there any guide that can point me in the right direction? How can I make it work and where do I download them.


Next best thing would be a regular texture pack, but cant find those for B-Team (I am very new to this)


Best regards 

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There is one B-Team Ressourcepack which is available on the Sphax page (www.bdcraft.net). Its not complete but pretty good still.

You have to download the standard pack and patch it up with the corresponding patch on the forums. The patch is for 1.0.8 so its a bit outdated, but its the best I know.

There must be a version around which is used by the original B-Team Server, but I have yet to get my hands on it ... if it is available outside that group at all.


Regarding shaders I would ask Google for the usual way to install shaderpacks in 1.6.4 ... it will apply here as well. I haven't tried that since I am not sure whether my machine will survive that. I am using a 32x version of sphax and since I am heavily relying on carpenters and microblocks (aka the Keralis prettyfy syndrome) and have some framedrops because of them already.

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On a side not I dont believe there is a shaders pack that works consistently in AOTBT so far I find during my mod tutorials I have to switch between at  minimum 2 different shader packs to get things to display correctly.

An easy example of this is if you use seus which in my mind is truly the best shaders pack you will notice on any thermal expansion blocks you will get a constant flashing white overlay where the shader doesnt work correctly with the overlay or carpenters blocks become solid and regardless of applied material the shows show the frame work pattern.

If you manage to find work that does work consistently please feel free to let me know as I would love to not have to constantly switch packs during recording to ensure everything displays correctly.

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Shaders and mods have never really been compatible between each other, it is the same reason some mods say it isnt compatible with optifine - anything that modifies the way things are drawn to the screen can cause those flickers, and i highly doubt you will find a shader that doesnt cause that in at least one mod. The shader authors would have to make their shaders mod compatible and that type of fixing would have to be done on a mod to mod basis - something of which a lot of people will not do. And depending on how their fix has to be implemented, may end up causing that mod to be a dependency for the shader to work properly.

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