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Cant produce Antimatter/Deuterium


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Hi guys ,

i have a problem with my voltz.

i want to make anitmatter but it dont work. i have built a 30 x 30 circle with electromagnets but the particle accelerator dont produce antimatter.

Note : i use the latest voltz version

2nd problem : i want to build a fusion reactor but there is no deuterium extractor .

if anyone know how i can make anitmatter and deuterium pls write a comment .

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For the antimatter I do not know, it needs to be a square where the walls are hollow internally,

particle accelerator needs something to accelerate like cobblestone,

needs to be switched on and needs empty cells to capture any antimatter that appears.

(at least until recently)

For the fusion reactor at least until recently one used a chemical extractor and fed it energy and water to get deuterium.

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