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Modding a Mod Pack

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You can't just throw mods on the client and expect it to work. They have to be installed on the server too, and I am pretty sure that millenaire and zeppelin are single player only. Not only that but tekkit runs on the craftbukkit server, so any server mods have to be bukkited as well.

For future reference, you can find your crash logs like so:

How do I post logs?

You can find a logs in the "logs" folder in your .techniclauncher/logs folder. The most recent log should end in "_0". Copy and paste everything in that and go to www.pastie.org or www.pastebin.com. Paste the log in the textbox and hit submit, then include the link in your report.

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It worked for you before... in single player. Just because you can get a mod working in ssp does not mean it will work in smp. I answered this already, it has to be smp compatible and the server mod has to be bukkited. If you don't understand what that means you probably shouldnt be fucking with your server files.

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I did not fuck with it, I believe my computer doent have enough RAM and I am sorry that I did not see my error before

So wait, it isn't even running and you are trying to add more mods to it? lol

Seriously though, if you post in the bug section and follow the bug report format, someone is likely to help you. You could at least figure out if there is nothing you can do. =)

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