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how do I change biome generation?


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So this is not a suggestion or I would have posted in the correct area. One of my biggest issues with Minecraft in general, or possibly just personal preference, is the biome borders. Jungles inside of large winter biomes, massive mountains of dirt in the middle of deserts, etc. etc. Does anyone have experience in modding biomes that could help me out? I'd like to modify the world generation algorithm to add additional biomes that are only along the borders between one biome and another. For example, instead of going straight from sand to dirt and tons of jungles trees, I'd like to add a biome between the two that is mostly sand with some patches of dirt and small trees to ease into the next biome. I'm envisioning a similar transition from winter biomes to desert or plains biomes. I'm decent with Java, any help is appreciated.

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Re: Technic Pack addition

Interestingly, this already exists for the edges of mountain biomes. Look in BiomeGenBase.java for the "ExtremeHillsEdge" variable.

Also, yeah, this should be moved to the modding section. Maybe PM a mod?

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