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TC Exo-suit


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So I've been having a problem with my exo-suit. I put diamonds on it to increase the attack damage. I put on my exo-goggles, fully upgraded with diamond (so it gives +50% damage) yet I still 2-hit kill Endermen with a cleaver that does 14 hearts of damage. I haven't seen anyone else having this problem, so I'm wondering if this is a Tinkers Construct problem or a Hydreigon635-related problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


(Note to mods: I already brought this up in the tracker; I'm just posting it here so that more people can see it)

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I do remember ChimmneySwift having this issue after one of the updates, that he used to be able to one hit enderman with his cleaver and then after an update couldn't. Granted he is not wearing the exo armor but is wearing the witchery stuff. I noticed that using a cutlass that the same result of a 2 hit vs what should have been a one hit kill. 

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