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How can i control where items send by itemduct end?


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I have done this with a Strongbox that had two Itemduct heads directly attached. A lever was located right between the ducts, both ducts were set to extract mode. One of them was set to be active on Redstone signal, the other to be inactive on Redstone signal. Flipping that lever therefore would switch between the outputs.

I will add a picture next time I get into the game.

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You can make, and please excuse my spelling, pnuematic servos, they require 2 iron, 2 redstone, and 1 glass, and with servo in hand I believe you right-click on the end of an itemduct (where it connects to a chest) and it will allow a variety of options such as disabling redstone signal so you don't have to use levers, and you can also whitelist/blacklist items so, just for you, you can choose which items get pulled out of that chest or get sent into that chest. Whitelist mode means only that item can go into that chest, Blacklist mode means only that item can NOT go in there. So say if you have a tree farm, you want ONLY wood going into the chest, you can either Whitelist that type of wood OR you can blacklist saplings and apples if they are droppable from that tree. I hope you understand what im saying? Good luck!

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Right, I forgot to mention that at least one of the outputs needs a Pneumatic Servo, to allow changing the Redstone behaviour.

Here is a picture of what I described:



One output is only active on Redstone signal, the other only on NO Redstone signal. Flipping the switch will flip the active output.

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