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HELP! my server is broken


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I'm using a server that's not port forwarded, I'm using logmeinhamachi so my friends can join but when they do they fall through the world but on my screen they are standing still. I've only tested it with one of my friends so far, is it my internet or theirs?
This is what I've got in my launch.bat file when I edit it:

java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar BTeam.jar nogui



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You have left out much useful information (OS, Java version and platform, system specs, coexistence of client with server, etc.) but I'll tell you right off the bat that 1G of heap and no increase of permanent generation space (default 64M) for a BTeam server is an exercise in frustration.

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Help Toxic_Turtle's brain is broken

You're supposed to post this on the tracker rather than in the main forum. But as long as I'm here, I'll offer my help. I think the problem is not with your Internet nor your friends'. My friend had a vanilla server running through Hamachi; he invited me on but the lag was so unbearable that I couldn't do anything, though we could both join other servers without any issue. From the description of your problem, it seems that the problem is with Hamachi, so it seems that you'll need to just port-forward your router or buy a server. GGservers and Astral Hosting are both good-quality hosts.

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