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Very laggy area on my server map no clue why.

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Hey guys on my server I had a set of 3 quarries on a platform. I happened to log out while they were running (probably not related) But when i logged back in, I got a ton of lag. I couldnt even type /spawn without it taking forever. The chunks were loading VERY slowly, like one per minute. WHen I teleported myself to spawn using the console, lag went away. When I approach that area, the chunks load fine and I have no lag. But when i get closer, I get the same lag overload. Its just this one area of a few chunks... any ideas?

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We were getting a similar problem on a server I play on, something to do with the pipes not working when you log out, so the items just spill all over the ground causing heaps of lag. Try what DragnHntr suggested, that should clear things up.

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