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ee how to add id to transmutation table

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If you're asking this because you want the transmutation table to give, say, IC2 stuff EMC, then you are far better off waiting for IC2 support in the near future. It's messy inside that darn mod, and I have slight doubts that anyone on these forums will be able to help you with that...

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If you want IC2 stuff, only a few things are in the "transmutation" system, e.g. dusts, copper (half the value of iron), tin (as much as iron) and more. Uranium, reinforced iron and more aren't.

EE automatically sets up EMC values for RedPower items of all things. Since RedPower and IC2 both use the Forge Ore Dictionary, EE recognizes IC2 copper, tin, etc. as their RP2 counterparts and outputs EMC.

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In the latest versions of the mods, EE has EMC values for :

IC2 dusts, bars, sticky resin, rubber wood and saplings and URANIUM. (Uranium is then worth 6 diamonds).

RP2 bars (not the alloys), rubberwood,leaves,rubberwood saplings, indigo flower, nikolite, Tungsten and the gems.

Iron chests (all the chests have an EMC value).

BC oil buckets (worth 1 bucket and 2 diamonds).

Forestry bars and apatite AFAIK.

And copper has 85 EMC, not 128, which is the half of iron.

With a sneaky Forestry, IC2 and EE trick of mine, you can double your EMC by crafting IC2 Bronze blocks using Forestry bronze and crafting that block back to IC2 bronze. The IC2 bronze has the double EMC value of Forestry bronze.

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It would be so easy to just add a config file for EMC values. (I know: I've looked at the decompiled source.) And yet they won't. They don't want to give up their creative vision to player choice.

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