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How to Merge Ores

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Fair enough then. Like I said, you just have to find the right settings in the configs that support it. For example, in technicssp/redpower/redpower.cfg, at the bottom, there's this:

world {

    generate {






As you can see, for technic, redpower copper and tin do not generate, but silver, which the other mods do not have, does generate. And from technicssp/config/IC2.cfg, we have:

# Enable generation of copper in the world


# Enable generation of tin in the world


# Enable generation of uranium in the world


So this is where we get the copper and tin in our worlds, as well as the uranium. I don't think buildcraft has any unique ores, but you can disable things like oil spawns. Now even though these ores are from a different mod, they can still be used in each other's recipes thanks to the forge ore dictionary.

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