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Diablo III: Lol What Is Minecraft?

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"Hi. While we patiently wait for certain mods to be allowed release on bukkit that will allow us to complete Tekkit 3 server for release Diablo III has been unleashed. If you thought Technic ‘development’ was slow before you’re in for a surprise!

Pop on over to our forums to tell us how terrible we are and how we should be ashamed."

LOL @ comparing what you do to a few years work from ground up actually producing a game and not a compilation of mods. If you think what you do is even comparable you're more megalomaniacal than I thought previously XD

(don't rage at my post, you brought it up and invited me to respond :P)

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Well, that clears a lot up. The team never compared what they do to developing a whole game. The correct interpretation of that quote is "now that diablo 3 is out, we'll be spending all our free time on that, so technic will be updated EVEN SLOWER"
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